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Neyrinck V-Control Pro v1.2

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Neyrinck V-Control Pro
News Neyrinck V-Control Pro

OSC / MIDI controller for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from Neyrinck

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Neyrinck has added support for Logic Studio 9, Logic Express 9, Cubase, and Nuendo to version 1.2 of its mixing and remote recording iPad app V-Control Pro.

Also, Neyrinck has added V-Control Free to the App Store to provide a free, basic controller app for iPad.


V-Control uses WiFi to connect an Apple iPad to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), allowing musicians to use multi-touch gestures to control transport, editing and mixing functions or to wirelessly record and engineer a track from anywhere within a recording studio.


Unlike previous versions, which only used the HUI communication protocol, version 1.2 of V-Control also incorporates the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol, giving Logic 9 users advanced controller features. Version 1.2 also provides control of Cubase and Nuendo by providing automation, loop, EQ, and plug-in control. And now that V-Control Free is available, users can can access basic DAW control at no cost.


Rather than being tied to the PC while laying down tracks using Logic 9, Cubase or Nuendo, a musician using V-Control Pro can use the iPad’s touch screen functionality and WiFi to remotely access the DAW’s controls.


Benefits of V-Control Pro:

  • Ability to record/engineer a track from anywhere in the studio
  • Multi-Touch mixing and recording control.
  • Sends editing for cue mixes and effects mixing.
  • Ergonomically designed interfaces that is are familiar to Logic and Cubase users
  • Plug and play

Features for Logic Studio 9 and Logic Express 9:

  • V-Control Pro provides control of Logic Studio 9 and Logic Express 9.
  • Dedicated buttons can set the left and right locations for looping and for punch recording while a “clear all” option can control solo and mute. Because control surfaces show just eight channels at a time, these controls are designed to make it easy to jump back to a mix after muting or soloing tracks.
  • V-Control Pro also provides a plug-in editor with sixteen plug-in parameters per page and advanced insert selection and bypass control.
  • All sixteen plug-in parameters are displayed as rotary controls that provide display of the rotary value and the text display value unlike hardware controllers that use LED rings that display low resolution values.
  • The plug-in editor also provides twelve dedicated buttons to select between twelve inserts to edit.
  • Twelve dedicated bypass buttons make it possible to bypass any combination of the twelve inserts.


V-Control Pro version 1.2 app for iPad is available now from the Apple App Store.

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