Tama TW100 Tension Watch
Tama TW100 Tension Watch
Tina Arkos 05/05/2008

Tama TW100 Tension Watch : Tina Arkos's user review


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Audience: Beginners
APRS reading all the rave reviews on the Controller pressure Tama TW100, I bought lai (66 euros at Total Music the cheapest jai could find) and I just got it. APRS testing trs cest actually good but beware! Its also annoying and trs rglage the drumkit fully taken my Lapras afternoon! I mexplique. Dj rglage 1 cm of the tie seems to me (as some opinion) a bit limited and APRS have test in every sense a good compromise seems to be two fingers (you NPRF ground not a whiskey before?) and anchors. Then following the fawn to ask the Controller cards can go as far as 10 units! If you just dry OPDs will swell the measure. The technique adopted jai is to position the TW larrte on two fingers of the drawing, and then adjust lil good position in front of the tie rod ugly the top of the TW and then can ask as dlicatement THE CONTROL to make a correct measurement (try several times to be sure). I recommend also good uninstall, lies flat on a table Because, I said to beginners jme eyeGO to the ground a larrache dune and after half an hour when t vertbres have the neck strength to play spin the measures and that your always on the snare you TDIs, eyeGO want to take a table and chair!
Another remark, with the toms (Skins transparent dorigine Pearl) jai rglages could do fairly quickly, but with the snare jai galr lot. I think that was just the snare dorigine (Pearl Export drum) which is pretty basic. Dailleurs on the snare drum, snare cot, there is a lightweight mplat on wood made for the passage of the stamp completely distorting measures, such as mplat close ties surrounding the stamp. Short! Rgler shit!
Anyway, once all these points ngatifs oversights, I am satisfied because of the same facts rglages, drums sounds. Rglages indicated by the Tama are those jai utiliss for toms and bass drum sounds and frankly a plutt well (the bass drum mconnaissable) on the other hand for the snare ( because of the quality of it and hides Pearl original post, I think) the show too rglages prconiss dharmoniques and jai rglages the review based on my taste (82 hits and stamp 70).
Finally, for those who have a lot of patience, this tool will be to test INTERESTED rglages DIFFERENT and especially note any rglages INTERESTED, presss for those who do not want sfaire shit, go your way! For beginners like me (jsuis guitarist in fact) it can Savre necessary because even if jai a good ear for the guitar in any case, a drumkit rgler nest not as simple as your guitar and jai daccord seen quavec technology to tighten the screws on the cross with your fingers to go to dpart dun rglage homogne tie rods does not really as long quune screws a little hard and the tension is wrong on my statement with the toms jai TW100 card tie between some 15 units. Voil jespre jai that all could clearly indcis.
Conclusion II (the return) regardless of the drumkit and use whatever rglages, cest one who hits it that does it all! In addition to the drumkit, cest much more obvious that the guitar, cest lnergie you put all that heard lon! LSAC lot when you play anything in a dung!!