Tama TW100 Tension Watch
Tama TW100 Tension Watch
gengis Khan 08/11/2007

Tama TW100 Tension Watch : gengis Khan's user review


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I have this toy for almost a month. I am a novice Contents acoustic drum, until I n Submitted played on my yamaha DTXTREME II s. I have taken the plunge and bought a tama starcalssic performer BB. The surprise when I dballe, tom 14 "bass drum and the skins do not montes: bone (requires conditioning)
N'tant not at all to my ear, I ordered this tension watch (and skin for the remo bass drum by the way).
In fact it is neither more nor less than comparator mcanique.
Rgler for my drums, it's easy, I look table and applies the rglages "standards" on all skin types (knocks and reasonable). So good, sounded just the first time! Even if some tie rcalcitrants measures are not pile hair on trais gave a harmonious tuning trs.
Satisfied with the feedback, I changed the skin of my original Evans bass drum and I put the remo coated bought ... L t is not so easy, rgler tension is almost mission impossible! I tried to stretch and relax to death to get there, do anything, whatever the technique, the ties are either barely in tension is not tight at all (they are moving the hand without any effort) to the latter, no one is turned on and ADI has over 50!
I put the skin and the rglage evans only took 3 minutes!

So that conclusion, it's a great device for the toms as demand exceeds the voltage 40, below and above for skin oil, it is better to trust his or orreille a cl dynamometrique.
I do it again this choice without concern given the precision of the tuning that only rsulte BMOL trsdtendues for skin that become almost impossible rgler.