SPL Transient Designer 4
SPL Transient Designer 4

Transient Designer 4, Other dynamic processor from SPL in the Transient Designer series.

moosers 09/08/2010

SPL Transient Designer 4 : moosers's user review


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The SPL Transient Designer 4 is four channels of a unique dynamic processor that works by affecting just the transients rather than the entire signal. It's an analog piece of gear consisting of XLR connections for both your input and output for each of the four channels. It is a rack mountable piece of gear and will just take up a single space in your traditional rack casing.


The make up of the SPL Transient Designer 4 couldn't be any easier than it currently is. Each channel just has two parameters to affect your sound - one for attack, and one for sustain. That's literally all that it has to work with, which is a beautiful thing when it doesn't what it can do as is the case here. No manual should be necessary here...


The SPL Transient Designer 4 affects your sound unlike any other dynamic processor out there. It's almost like a magic box, as most things you put through it end up sounding good on the other end - especially drums. It's awesome for cleaning up a signal a bit and getting a tighter overall sound. That's way is so great on tom tom drums and other applications like it. The studio that I work at has one of these, although I've yet to use them or see them used too much for any other application other than drums. This is a great mixing tool that can save you when you need something to cut through a mix...


Every professional studio should have an SPL Transient Designer 4, or one of the other Transient Designers, as this is simply a wonderful tool to have around. It seems like those who know about this swear by it, but a lot of people out there have never heard of it. While this four channel Transient Designer might not be necessary for all, I'd highly encourage all to check out the Transient Designer series processors in general...