SPL SPL ALL 2012 Bundle
SPL SPL ALL 2012 Bundle

SPL ALL 2012 Bundle, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from SPL.

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Hyrius 02/17/2014

SPL SPL ALL 2012 Bundle : Hyrius's user review

«  The great German »

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installation is that there are more simple. No incompatibilities. A manual? no need.


I use it on macbook 2006 dual core 2.33 Hz with 2G of ram so not a machine Compete and TWIST!
I'm working on Nuendo 4 and Cubase 6. Everything is super stable. I never had any glitch!


I actually use it for 3 months guitar, bass, drums and I love:

- Twin tube is a very good virtual preamp, the harmonic setting really makes the diff. saturation of the lamp is large enough so that a lot of fun on his hip to crunch on a dry socket.
- The Attacker is very nice on the various elements of a battery, it really allows, as its name suggests recover a clear and effective attack, but not used on a double for only the first time on the series will his attack actually worked.
- The Transcient is a little push through its control of attack and sustain, very useful on bass, or keyboard.
- Drum Xchanger is a really well thought trigger which, and choose the sound you want to choose, and the sound mixed with the base in order to have if desired well mixed the two sources. we obviously find settings to sustain attack ducking notch filter and low-cut top.
- Free EQ, Vox, Bass and Full Ranger are graphs each with its own beach which is quite convenient frequency. I am not dwell above; trying without parsimony.
- The Vitalizer is really convenient to make a "small mastering" house (we never replace a real engineer master course), it may well shape his stereophonic space on different frequencies available and this is done.
- And Passeq ... So there HAT! It's really heavy for digital. You can sculpt the sound of his master (not that!) In an incredible way. The different settings offered by this EQ SPL are really ACCURATE!!

Short but good for esgourdes!

most: Everything
Cons: Not found.

I want to say that I am very critical, not hesitating to say "this is crap" and developed when, after several tests, the product did not convince me and of course I will explain why. But I am amazed. Of course it is not a substitute for all these machines in hardware but at this price, it's really HEAVY!

I worked on different bundle as Waves, Focusrite (and others).

I remake that choice without any hesitation!