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VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Suite
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Pat One Pat One

«  Very good »

Publié le 04/22/11 à 15:54
Trouble free installation. Everything is nickel.


I7920 PC and Cubase 5.

These plug ins are very simple to use and learn, very stable and consumes little CPU. Except for the convolution reverb a bit greedy.

VSL is updates quite regularly (every 3-6 months).


This bundle of plug ins is excellent. I was looking for a bundle to cover basic needs in the mix. And after weighing the pros and cons I took these plugs and I do not regret it.

The main attributes of these plug ins are their interface, ease of use, low CPU consumption. This bundle is very versatile and covers a lot of aspects of the mixer EQ, dynamics processors, reverb, pan, and stir spectrum analyzer (very beautiful).

At the sound is excellent but it is rather on plugs that claim to transparent, so the plugs do not color the sound, it can be a quality or a defect. But in terms of its strictly speaking they are among the best plug ins on the market. Some people may find too neutral or lacking in character. You can use these plugins in all areas, they are not plug-ins dedicated to composers of soundtrack or those who mix classical music or jazz, but their transparency actually plugs that excel in these genres.

Another highlight is the hundreds of presets that come with these plugs, although these presets have been optimized for bookstores VSL, these are good starting points for other orchestra libraries.

In conclusion, I already thought of parting with this bundle because I do not mix especially classical or symphonic music and sometimes I want a little more color, but there is nothing to do it is so versatile and plugs are so damn good that I know that I miss things if I parted. However I do not use this result only for work, I have a few plugs from UAD, Waves, Nebula when I need to color the sound a bit.

I use all the plugs, the only one I use least is the multiband compressor, although it is well made. For the rest, I use it all the time.

So if you're looking transparent effects in the style or Sonnox Izotope, Vienna Suite is an excellent alternative to standard sound quality and has significant assets in terms of versatility, ergonomics, CPU and value for money . If you are looking for models of analog gear you had better turn to UAD, Softube or the latest bundle from Waves. But this kind of bundle will be less versatile and so much more it will cost only 400 €.

The only small problem I would see is that there is no gate, and the version VST3 dynamic processors does not include the external sidechain Cubase / Nuendo, while all VST3 compressors are supposed to have this feature.
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