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VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Suite
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Wills01 Wills01
Publié le 01/07/09 à 13:22
Yes, Vista 64, it went on like velvet. The fact that these plug-ins are written for 64-bit make them start quickly when they are seeking. No conflict or with Sonar, Soundforge or with my two basic tools in Vista 64.


I use a Dual Core 4 latest (as of today), and so on Vista 64 with 4GB of Ram recognized. My motherboard is an Intel chipset and the same. It is perfectly stable


I use it for a few days. The pros: they are very effective and the setting is very simple although I would have liked a paper with instructions ... pdf rather than those that are a pain to read. I regret, however, a sputtering when changing playing settings. It's been longer than other plug-ins do not have this problem. Otherwise, it is also regrettable that the "suite" lacks a bit of consistency (why two equalizers? Why not continuous on the analyzer and the Peak Hold?). In fact, the real problem is rather with the gift (Librairei Durme Jazz) is a gift stocking. It takes days to download the banks and in the end, here Bugge. I was angry with support for VSL here that just thank me for my not offer me the e.mail moidre solution (send me the DVD burned at a cost, for example). Everything is possible ... But the subject is not there and in regard to the Vienna now, I recommend lea (Izotope suremetn is fine too but I hate those green windows and feel of the interface is more intuitive ... Vieann !)
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