VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Suite

Vienna Suite, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library).

Ohayo 10/22/2011

VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Suite : Ohayo's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
The previous opinion of Pat One sums up my opinion on this bundle.

Installation is very simple, with the download of the license on a vienna key or key eLicenser Steinberg.

(I put 8 because of this key to use ...)


My PC is 3 years old now (Intel Core 2 Quadcoeurs proc, 4GB Ram, Sound Card RME Fireface 400) and the bundle purchased 1 year ago has always turned out well, no worries (all plugs are arranged in 32-bit and 64 bits).

Consumes little CPU overall.
Easy to use, with relatively few settings, but the settings effective.
Many interesting presets (equations for all orchestral instruments in particular).
Above all, the sound is not distorted, the plugs are very transparent.

In this case I save a lot of acoustic music (jazz, improvised music) and they suit me perfectly for this.

Now if you want to do the trip-hop, hip-hop, dub etc ... it will not necessarily mind (and even why not, if the sources are initially grimey ...)


So I do it again this choice today.
Following plugs very consistent. Good quality / price ratio.
Nice interface ...