Radial Engineering Bones London
Radial Engineering Bones London

Bones London, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

Zéro Kill 10/18/2010

Radial Engineering Bones London : Zéro Kill's user review

«  Disto in the box! »

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Stompbox high grade with two separate channels focusing on a british rock sound. The pedal is beautiful (a beautiful red metallic and very heavy!) It's very solide.Tout exudes quality, finishes, knobs, etc.. Analog pedal. This is not a true bypass, because it contains a buffer of quality, so no coloration of sound when not engaged. EQ shared by the two channels and the level of drive. A button 3 positions for cock that is reflected by the intensity of the attack. A 3-position button for kick allowing an addition of power in the midrange. Level 1 and Level 2 for the corresponding channels.


Is little used two different channels so as needed. As two different distortion or to have different output level as a lead to tackle. But you must know that the second channel has not at all the same texture as the first sound channel and that's very good news. With this addition my pedalboard now has two other disto! Very easy and intuitive. Knobs are very reactive.


Wow! So here we are. If you have this pedal and a good overdrive you can do everything what is being done in rock ...! Indédiable sound quality. Its sounds very hot or very cold, very sharp, whatever you like. Channel 2 is very round and deep. I would say very Marshall. Channel 1 is more in the Vox. In any case it sounds ....! No breath and no noticeable defects or irritants. I do not put 10 but I could. We must keep a little discomfort, pedal never sound pafait.


I've had it 2 months and I just tell you it gives me great pleasure. It allows my Fender Deville to unbridled in the sounds of the big rock type britih and even sometimes to feel like a Marshall. I rock for 30 years now, and I know what is good equipment. I am very happy with my purchase and value for money seems very good. I strongly advise it.
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