Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion

Silver Dragon Distortion, Other guitar saturation effect from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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Disto14 05/26/2009

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion : Disto14's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
So it is a tube distortion pedal, like "big distortion.
All analog, true bypass, sold with its specific power.
Two channels:
- Awaken: saturation overdrive lamp - distortion
- Slayer: distortions big type lamp and transistor amp Mesa boogie

You can alternate the two channels or go directly to the bypass to one or the other.


Nothing could be easier. You plug and play.
I only regret that the names of the settings are not more "standard". Finally, once you get used to that we know what it corespond
"Fire" is the gain made by the lamp
"Shriek" corresponds to the acute
"Roar" is the serious
"Intensity" is the sustain and attack of the channel "slayer". In fact, it is a kind of second gain that compresses the sound
"Breath" is the asymmetric nature of the distortion and provides a unique color.
"Level" is of course the output level.

I saw some earlier opinions regretted the lack of control medium. For my part, I find it useless on this pedal. We just drop the bass and treble and you have more mediums. The bass are naturally very active on this pedal and gives a good presence on guitar and volume.
The EQ, for that matter, is effective and can bring a very diverse range of sounds.

I put "9" for the names of the settings that I would have preferred more classical.


Well, we will not beat around the bush.
This pedal produces a thick or heavy metal distortion type rock.
The equalizer allows for great versatility. The bass and treble to three-quarters are produced on the channel distortion slayer to wake the dead and very rough! By lowering the treble and bass, the sound becomes more mellow and soft.
Besides, I never put the bass very high because it can quickly produce a sound "heavy".

Channel 1 corresponds more to a big crunch as an overdrive / distortion, it's quite rocky and work well on rhythmic type AC / DC (like "Highway to Hell").
Channel 2 provides more compression and tends to "smooth" sound, ideal for solos.
The complementary channel is very well thought out, especially since you can play on the difference in volume between the two (discrete rhythmic kind and very present solo).

You'll understand that this pedal is made for big sound. If you are looking for a soft distortion, go your way.
The silver dragon makes a very significant amount of gain, even on single-coil pickups, or have a low output level.
The background noise is very reasonable given the degree of saturation of the beast.

I could compare it with a Boss Metal Zone. Well I can tell you that it is day and night. When the metal area offers a synthetic architectural distortion and no volume, the silver dragon brings the body while maintaining the sound of the guitar.


I've had it about a year.
I especially love its power, versatility on (it's still big sound) and the body that gives the sound.
I regret the names of the settings that are a little kind to the pimply teen metalheads who want to play the "there are settings that are not found on other pedals" when in fact it is the classical ( bass, treble ...)

The price is good value given the resulting sound.

It is a very good pedal for those who want a sound muscular. Rocktron offers good quality products elsewhere.