Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion

Silver Dragon Distortion, Other guitar saturation effect from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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Mouflapil 06/03/2008

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion : Mouflapil's user review


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Distortion pedal analog channels 2 'short end we will not repeat 25 times eh.

The absence of a knob of medium probably prevent many of the uterus to cut ...


The config is as simple as possible to a distortion pedal: you put all at 12:00, then you turn to find the right sound.

The manual ... is nonexistent, a poor config proposed test, and two to three words on what are the knobs (which is, at first, useful, given their name a bit ridiculous).


It comes down to brass tacks: the sound.

Personally, I have (yet) found the ultimate distortion pedal. I looked for something to complete my SansAmp couillu made me some nice crunch. After two to three tests a little platounets, a seller puts me that thing between the legs. The claque.

The sound is everything I was looking for: rich in harmonic, well balanced (no need to make donf 'to come out in the mix group), thick, gritty, dirty limit. It is quite typical and not suitable for all styles of rock-metal (his favorite in my case) over to play as the Converge Deftones ...

The crunch (Awaken mode) is really nice, relatively warm, the sound grows, we feel the potato, the presence.

I use it with a Lag Roxanne Emg increase in liabilities (yet very straight microphones and quite impersonal) on a Hartke Piggyback, well it worked wonders. I can not imagine what it can provide all of the lamps of good quality (not a Valveking what ...).

Be careful not to abuse of distortion on channel Slayer, lest the beast breathing like a donkey. But honestly, I never exceed half the breath is more than reasonable, and the distortion already impressive (and largely sufficient power chords as solo).

Coupled with my newly acquired Dunlop wah pedal, the couple works very well.
EDIT: Tested this weekend live on a JCM 800. I took the slap of the century! This thing really deserves a good amp to realize its full potential!


I use it for over a month now, at home, again, in-home studio, and soon live!

I'm crazy in love with her, exactly what I had in mind when entering the music store where I bought. What I do not ... the name of the knobs pretty ridiculous.

I tried two to three tricks before, Metal Zone, and Über-metal top (the big stew, and especially the über, cf. My opinion), and also the MXR Dime Disto from home, sound too straight, too square.

I got to 180 €, and at that price, a crunch and distortion that cover all my needs as a group, it's worth graaave instantly.

With experience, I should lose no time to even test the other pedals, I sink!