Tech 21 Double Drive 3X
Tech 21 Double Drive 3X
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Dj Drill 11/11/2007

Tech 21 Double Drive 3X : Dj Drill's user review


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Hello, the pedal works with a 9V battery or adapter Boss (PSA 230 G) and Ibanez (AC 109) exemple.La by manufacturing good quality potentiometers are well established, the jacks are solid, but also switches Soft to the depression (Caterpilar to avoid). The case in itself is not exceptional resistance; ménager.Ici okay but we are in the realm of modeling because it is a work Andrew Barta, inventor of the Sansamp.On has a drive A, drive an A / B, an active EQ + or - 12 dbs in low, mid, treble, and 125 Hz, 500 Hz and 3.5 kHz and an overall volume.


For me the gold standard in terms of guitar amp is the Fender Prosonic with two drives in cascade.De more I has only a single channel amps, a Laney LC 15R, A Sherwood 65 Carlsbro, Fender Ampcan a, a Yamaha VA 5 and 60 BXR Fender.Quand I saw that Tech was going out a pedal 21 that would allow me to play on four channels with the sound of the Prosonic, my blood has made it the fact That a tour.Alors ? (snare roll). I would have only one word: YEAH! The principle is simple the drive has pushed his Vox AC 30 (Class A) and drive the A / B Fender / Marshall (Class A / B) ... the class is not it? All assays between these three worlds are allowed, it is quickly the Bermuda Triangle, or even shorts as it goes from subtle enhancement to the presence of rogue wave sound.


To this you add an active equalization therefore very effective and you get the absolute overdrive pedal, with the V-Twin Mesa Boogie is set amongst the three memory channels is very simple: you press twice on the switch and it is in the boite.Il is then the principle of Lazy pot: when turning a knob the sound changes gradually which avoids the abrupt jumps and the LED starts clignoter.Plus distance from the point of memorization and the LED flashes more slowly, more and more it comes close rapidement.Quand it flashes back over the point of memorizing the diode stops clignoter.Génial.Voilà I have my Prosonic for 1/10th the price of amp, the sound is smooth and pest.


While it costs the price of many effects in multi Boss or Line 6 or Zoom, but thirty years that I play guitar I have seen how, with few exceptions, the principle applies to the Swiss Army knife hurts rock'n roll circus.A each use must be the instrument would rather my philosophie.Fortement rockommandé.