snobinard 04/03/2011

Xotic Effects AC Plus : snobinard's user review

" My little Rolls"

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Everything has been said, I just wanted to remember how this pedal is HUGE for those seeking uncompromising sound and sculptable at will.


Everything is done by ear! Bcp possibilities while remaining easy to use.

A real treat in concert to move from one beautiful crunch to a nice saturation example. The overdrive channel of my amp is set since I have.

A small downside to nitpick:
in use with both channels in series, the button that selects the channel A or B in front is small and can be used only in studio use ... a shame because it adds so many possibilities with this ... the + button boost + compression foot switchable so it would sound different available! (Which would be 5 buttons at the bottom, I agree ;-) )


I still have not managed to take with her rotten, even though trying ...

Downside: the hum when you push the channels and that the links ... but you just play and it goes ;-)


An excellent pedal for just about every style, from jazz to metal in my opinion.

To buy the closed eyes as she responds to everything expected of a good distortion pedal, and more (the boost, the variety of sounds on hand / foot)