florent83330 05/03/2013

Xotic Effects AC Plus : florent83330's user review

«  really good »

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it is a double overdrive.
each channel can be used alone, or add to its neighbor.
channel (B) has a bass EQ / mid / treble, while the other (A) has a tone control.
Channel A pssède a small switch to configure it as a boost, the channel may also have a switch to compress the sound or not.
it is 100% analog and true bypass it seems.
solid construction.


easy config, plug, turn the knobs and play.
the manual, I did not read it.


the pedal is supposed to replicate a Vox AC30, hence the name.
the sound is superb whether one or the other channel.
Unlike grain is not terrible but it was still more saturated than the other channel.
I use it with a slight overdrive channel B, and A in OD max.
I have a telecaster deluxe with bare knucles brown sugar, and a standard 2008 paul also with the bare knucles the mule, all plugged into a mesa ta30.
as the gibson sounds, as the telecaster hard.
it's really good combination with the telecaster.


I use it for 6 months, I have tried many pedals, but it seems to me that Xotic is really super cam!
very reactive to the game with the right hand and very versatile!
quality at reasonable prices for the sound output report.
I remake that choice without worry, I highly recommend it!