Mandinette 02/08/2008

Xotic Effects AC Plus : Mandinette's user review


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It is a fact that makes both the distortion boost.
It's two or three pedals in one.
Indeed, it has 2 separate channels that can be mixed into each other. the site and there are good youtube videos of the pedal.


The use is as with all pedals, turn and listen.
The settings are sensitive, so you can sculpt sounds very finely.


The quality is worthy of the reputation of Xotic.
Each channel has a feature that will boost the distortion has.
If you just want to boost, the gain is lowered and it mounts the volume.
If we want the distortion, we play on the gain and adjust the desired volume.
On channel B, can be refined bass, midrange and treble.
And of course all without distorting the original sound.

I do not about the metals, the best to go and see the demos on youtube or prosoundcommunications.

In any case, it's really very versatile and settings offer a range can be almost but not infinite!


-It has been four months since I and whatever my Start or my PRS sound is pro.

-What I like most is the variety of sound that can come out of the beast, it's also annoying because we want to have one or two more.

"I have already the BB Preamp, Keeley and I had Fulltone but the versatility of the AC Plus and far.

-The value for money is unbeatable in my opinion knowing that there is the pedal used less than 200 euros.

Refer this choice, I douute no, thank you Xotic Effect this deserves a 20 out of 10.