Popsyman 02/13/2008

Xotic Effects AC Plus : Popsyman's user review


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It pedals with a 2-channel saturation type overdrive.
You can use Channel A, Channel B, Channel A => B, channel B => A.
It is equipped with a true bypass.


The classic rglages saturation for two channels:
- Volume on the level that plays well on
- Gain playing on the saturation
SETTING THE the gain for two channels can range from a lgre color saturation trs a big rock. The range of possible rglages is standard.
Channel A possde a rglage Tone Boost switch and increasing the saturation.
Channel B possde 3 rglages Bass Mid & Treble hyper efficient and a Comp switch that increases the effect of drive: not a compressor.
The manual is your ears.


In terms of sound quality, the pedals is unbeatable. It fully respects the sound of my guitar (Telecaster) and allows wide possibilities of trs rglages saturation: a lightweight overdrive goes from blues to jazz trs big rock without saturation altrer sound.
I put my cot TS 808 with no regrets.
I use the B channel for a lightweight bluesy drive and channel A for a more pronounced rock saturation. I do not use the 2 channels simultanment.


I use it for 2 months.
I finally found a distortion / overdrive that food not the sound of my guitar.
In addition, the PDAL has a large variety of trs rglages possible.
There are forcment sounds excellent.
It is oriented rock but I think she can do anything in this field.
A model is quite expensive (especially if you buy new) but good trs 2 pedals in one.
I recommend the power sector-because it consumes a lot of batteries.
I am a fan and I can not wait to try the other models in the Xotic.