Zvex Box of Rock
Zvex Box of Rock

Zvex Box of Rock : Anonymous 's user review


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The Box of Rock is an overdrive pedals mulant the grain of the Marshall JTM 45 "pushed back".

This amp is the prfr Zack Vex. The JTM 45 was released in 1963. In the era Jim Marshall and his son Terry (o JTM) are based on the Fender Tweed Bassman 5F6A 1959 dcident they offer simply a copy. Indeed, following the embargo amricain, instruments from the United States are difficult to import and trs trs expensive. The first Marshall amp silent team of 5881 power tubes, alternative classic 6L6, KT66 and then, the European equivalents. The head office was based on a 4x12 "closed back with Celestion HP. The combo 2x12" open back and two HP Celestion Blues Breaker ft nicknamed as used and popularized by Eric Clapton at within the Blues Breakers by John Mayall. These amps are closer to the Fender (including the Bassman) in their design and sound and high gain Marshall sound that everyone at the top. It comes with a new circuit and the adoption of English EL34 power tubes in the JTM 50 Plexi.

The choice of Zack Vex is a bit unusual: it is a transition from amp Fender and Marshall, Marshall more than a typical high gain. We must know.

- Manufactures and hand painted in the United States Zvex
- Fully analog
- Volume, tone, drive, boost
- Switch on / bypass and boost
- 9V battery powered, consuming little trs (typical Zvex) or sector (growing at frquent Zvex)

As usual, quality manufacturing and finishing irrprochable. Ecrin cloth box with red and fantasy ds welcome the pedals. No one is more original and chic. We really feel that the Zvex pedals have t factories specially for us.


The use is very simple. No need to book. Even when the Read (Zvex available on the site), it is, as usual, trs drle.
Typical home Zvex, the Drive control "cracks" when it is running: it's normal.
For the rest, not rocket science. Most.


Prcis as in the introduction, the JTM 45 is an amp plutt blues-rock R'nB ', that big rock mtal like modern Marshall.
It's actually more than an overdrive distortion. The CONTRL gain is gradual and the sound palette tense. Tone of the CONTRL content mdium correct if necessary. The boost can be used for parts Lead.
Here we find the heat of an overdriven amp lamps: superb! And once will not hurt, no oddity ZVexienne type buzz, squeeze, or other curiosities grsillement sound CHRE Zack Vex.
The noise made crmeuses are warm and go from crunch to overdrive lightweight type supported AC / DC, but not beyond.
Perfect for the blues-rock and vintage rock. For the high gain modern rock, the pedals, as its inspiration, a fair bit, especially with single coil pickups (low output).


An overdrive of high quality that reproduces the sound very warm and Fidler crmeuses the legendary JTM 45 (personally, I have a '59 Fender Bassman 5F6A Tweed Deluxe, Fender Twin Amp Tweed a 57 'and Marshall JVM 410, so I can get a fairly accurate ide). Magnificent.

Remains the choice of the name of the pedals and the choice of amp REFERENCE: plutt Box of Blues and Rock Box of R'nB 'as Box of Rock. For the big rock, it is indeed pushing the drive up. It loses the fabulous sounds of ventail overdrive perfect for blues and R'n'B '.

The price? That of excellence. Otherwise Zvex now offers the most variety Vexter democracies.