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iamqman 04/12/2011

Zvex Super Duper : iamqman's user review


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The best of both worlds. This is basically two Super Hard On's in one easy box. If you like the features of the original Super Hard on and you think it might be too simple and need a little extra then this is your pedal. The cool thing about this pedal is that it does have two units inside but also a master volume control when you have activated both sides of the box.

* Hand-painted artwork unique to each pedal
* 2 Super Hard On circuits in one
* Channel 1 cascades into Channel 2 for incredibly dangerous amounts of gain
* Master Volume control lets you enjoy the madness at lower volumes


Channel 1

Channel 1 is a conventional Super Hard On, with a gain control on the far right and a yellow LED to let you know when it's engaged. If you're familiar with the SHO, you know that it's a very sparkly sounding, high input-impedance preamp with incredible headroom, wide-ranging gain (unity to 60X!), and a maximum volume that will knock out your fillings. Channel one has no Master Volume control, but it's cascaded into Channel 2, which does.

Channel 2 and Master Volume

This channel has the very same circuit as Channel 1, but the bleeder resistor on the output has been replaced with a Master Volume control, allowing you to turn down the output volume even if the gain is cranked. When Channel 2 or both channels are on, the Master Volume is active.


The sound is great if you need a little extra ummph to your tone or weak guitar pickups. That is what the Super Hard on is for. If you want that plus the option of taking it up another level click the left side and you get an extra cascading overdrive.

This pedal will work great on any guitar or any amp. It is very versatile in that way. I like pushing overdriven high gain amps with this pedal. Try is out with a Super Strat or a Les Paul into a Marshall JMP or JCM 800 and you will get some sweet natural overdriven tones. Try jumping a JMP with the jumper cable and pushing this thing with only one side of the boost and you will get a sweet classic rock tone.


This is one fantastic pedal, good for multiple purposes. I like clean boost pedals and giving the pedal a click to get some warm clarity is real nice in front of an overdriven amp. at new these units come in at around $320 a pop. That might be a little high some some people but the difference in this pedal when it is clicked on will have you wondering why you didn't do it a lot sooner.

I would recommend this pedal to anyone who needs a great two booster pedal. if this is a little too high in price another good pedal similar to this one is the Draconis Dual Boost from Lizard Leg Effects. That one is about $100 cheaper and is an awesome pedal as well.