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xxmartinxx 10/02/2011

Zvex Super Duper : xxmartinxx's user review

« Two is slightly better than one »

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- Two Crackle Okay knobs
- Master volume knob for one of the two channels
- 9 Volt adapter requires modification or replacement bottom plate.
- Hand painted enclosure
- True bypass


This is basically two Super Hard Ons stuck in the same enclosure, one with a Master Volume knob. The sound is similar to that of the normal Super Hard On. The only thing changing is you are getting just slightly more ability to change the sound. You can also cascade them both together to get higher gain sounds. Regardless of those few upgrades from the original Super Hard On, the Super Duper is still grossly lacking in terms of flexibility.


Like previously stated, it sounds like two Super Hard Ons in one box. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you like the sound of the Super Hard On. Personally, I find the SHO to be very bright and hi-fi sounding. It can be a bit overbearing and painful depending on the setup. For what it does, it can good. It could sound a lot better and be a lot more useful with a few more knobs. Maybe even just one knob.


I have a few problems with this pedal. First off, the price is extremely high. The features are very limited. The sound is decent, but I don't think that it justifies the high price. It is nice to be able to have a Master volume knob on one of the two "pedals". It's also fun to cascade them both together. That being said, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the price is simply not justified. Even the lower priced version (Vexter series) is way too much money for both terms of functionality as well as sound quality. Many other higher end pedals offer a lot more (in terms of tone and features) for the same or less (sometimes a lot less) money.