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cess01 10/20/2011

Arturia Spark : cess01's user review

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Groove box / box ryhtme
- 16 key - 64 step sequencer
- 8 velocity sensitive pads
- Touch sensitive FX Pad
- Assignable encoders
- Aluminum enclosure
- Works as a universal MIDI controller Towards Any third-party software:
- Extreme quality sound engines including: TAE ® Analog synthesis, sampling multilayered Delivered by reference third-party companies, Physical modeling
- Repeat with FX Pad, Tape, Reverse, Strobe, Pan, Mix, 3 Filter mode and roll.
- Loop mode with advanced functions "divide" and "move"
- Real-time automation of all parameters
- 16 track mixer with 9 high quality effects: compressor, reverb, bit crusher, multi-band EQ, chorus, delay, distortion, phaser, reverb plate
- Song Mode: up to 64 patterns per song
- Shift and Shuffle modes to humanize grooves
- Easy import of audio samples, MIDI files and loops Rex
- Drag and drop MIDI export of patterns and patterns in your DAW
- Standalone and plugin (VST, AU, RTAS)
- Import of audio samples easily, MIDI files and Rex loops
- Drag & drop export of MIDI patterns and audio in your DAW

Get started fast, basic operation very simple and intuitive everything is in the manual is very well explained!

sounds very clean and the net effect a gogo I did not use too original sounds at the beginning because I was just really clear! battery levels I never used a drum machine with the same sin that emulates both the box that sounds real! but finally when c can have a shoot later in the edit sounds (internal or import) and its effect becomes very interresting c the spark that releases all its power and frankly it has serious potato! I can not think up to make wobble bass with this machine we call "creative DRUM machine" in fact I use it rained and rained, I realize that there really is a lot of opportunity and diversity at both levels of the sounds to use the spark of course must be triturated every knob (for those who like:)! I made the dub / dubstep coupled with a virus and my my emx b while its in sync via Abelton! and nikel works!

How long have you use it?
since its release
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I believe that machine sounds NI is only competition there and frankly not interest me!
What is so special that you like most?
that there is no limit in the editing and creating the spark!
the seriousness of arturia c in product and customer service!
the controller (even if it lacks the sides of wood;)
sounds and effects!
in short the spark!
the least?
still lacks any instrument or fx different that I would see in the genre: guitar trumpet ... but I trust that knows us has arturia pack offered varied!
If I remake it again the same choice and I can even take two!! :)