GForce Software Phat.Boy V2
GForce Software Phat.Boy V2

Phat.Boy V2, Other MIDI Control Surface from GForce Software.

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PaulyPaul 10/15/2012

GForce Software Phat.Boy V2 : PaulyPaul's user review

« works like a charm »

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The Phat Boy is a MIDI Controller that has a classic synth type look to it. It will allow you to have it control any of the functions you might want it to control in your DAW. I have the Phat Boy specifically set up with a few different VST synths that I use on a regular basis. So that each time I use those synths I can tweak and change the parameters of them right with the Phat Boy without even having to touch the mouse or mess with the VST at all. The Phat Boy connects to your computer via MIDI and it is very easy to set up and to use it. It comes with different face plates for it so you can basically use the functions for whatever you want if you use the blank face plate or you can use the one that’s already labeled with options like (filter cut, etc..).
The Phat boy has been around for a while so if you can find one that someone is selling you will be able to get it at a really cheap price. It is a smaller and pretty thin unit so storing it or having desk space for it will not be hard to find. You can not rack it though.

The quality of the G Media Phat Boy is great, it is well built with strong heavy material. I have had it for a while and dropped it and even spilled stuff on it and it still works great. I am happy that I chose to use the Phat Boy, I do wish that it was rack-able though. That is about the only request that I had with it because you can run out of desk space fast with all these controllers and MIDI gear. If you are in the search of a MIDI controller with fully assignable knobs then the Phat Boy is perfect for you, especially if you are on a small budget.