GForce Software Phat.Boy V2
GForce Software Phat.Boy V2

Phat.Boy V2, Other MIDI Control Surface from GForce Software.

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Blue Bird 08/04/2002

GForce Software Phat.Boy V2 : Blue Bird's user review


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The basic concept is pretty good. I use it primarily with Rebirh with the Phat Boy who seemed designed.
Unfortunately I quickly dchant after a few days of use some knobs rpondaient trs wrong with jumps in pulsed rponses (from 8, 9 or 0 for no apparent reason) I then tested on different MIDI interfaces with friends, same symptoms.
Management service representative. After two weeks the Service called me to ask what is wrong, then I explain anything, finally 3 weeks later I get the beast. The shop can not find it and ended up giving me a new one. Oh and surprise some merdouillent potentiometers, and varies from Durt potentiometer to another.
It was too much, more Reason entering the market and the number of potentiometer grew significantly compared to the usefulness of rebirth and Phat Boy it was less noticeable because its possibilities are limited.
I do not think that choice again. The Phat Boy it's more for show than anything else.