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Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Peavey PR 15

    Peavey PR 15 - "Peavey PR15"


    I purchased my PR15s from a local music store for about $400 (for the pair) because the price was right and the employee I was talking to said they were very nice. These PR15s are awesome! They can handle anything you can throw at them. The highs ar…

  • Yorkville NX 550P

    Yorkville NX 550P - "Yorkville NX550P Speaker"


    I acquired the speaker through a Yorkville dealer that I know. I was looking for a pair of powerful, light, multi-application speakers for use in my band. They run about $650 each. There's a lot to like with the NX550P. They are a 550 watt bi-amped …

  • Yamaha MS60S

    Yamaha MS60S - "Yamaha MS60S Monitor Speaker"


    This is a nice little amp. I bought it used for $150 because I needed an amp for my office to serve as my keyboard monitor. In its former life, it had been used on-stage by a professional classical guitarist. He had been using is in concert for sever…

Translated user reviews
  • Ibiza Sound Disco 12B

    Ibiza Sound Disco 12B - " Very low-end"


    These low SLRs are designed with low-quality materials, the sound is very convincing and very fragile union. These speakers are "down" as the parties to positively peel off. The bass is just existing. I do not recommend at all. …

  • Yorkville NX 750P

    Yorkville NX 750P - " excellent forum"


    I use it for can I try and listen hk jbl yamaha dsr 115 etc. most: it's a 750w speaker makes it very hard walking by a port competition. we would say that my one a double wall 38cm there is an incredible acute low end is powerful. the bass an…

  • RCF ART 322-A

    RCF ART 322-A - " very good speakers with good fishing outdoors"


    How long have you use it? ** I use since 2008 coupled with subwoofers RCF Art 705AS ** Have you tried many other models before buying it? Previously I was using passive speakers (DAS, JBL) with amps crown Macrotech QSC plx 1202 and 3402 I…

  • Yorkville EX2B

    Yorkville EX2B - " The top of the top !!!!"


    After 10 years trying all kinds of amplified system, I've never seen anything like that yorkvilles EX2B monster !!! Its High Quality Stereo! Great value! One system for a gym, football stadium and yes !!! etc ... One word: There's no better in th…

  • RCF ART 300-A

    RCF ART 300-A - " Super pregnant"


    Used for 3 years, first in return for a group, then in various configs. for trying the art310, 312, 410 and 712, and of those old 300 have a much tweeter end. I who love the silky in the treble, I much prefer the new ranges. The highs are less agg…

  • Turbosound TXD151

    Turbosound TXD151 - " Top notch"


    I use these speakers for about 3 years. it works very well. This is powerful and clean. on the other hand must necessarily calm the midrange and treble a bit. This is a speaker that works so we have no dedicated processor (which costs a fortune). …

  • Yorkville LS808

    Yorkville LS808 - " bluffed"


    How long have you use it? I use it for over a year because I had bought one before. Have you tried many other models before buying it? nan too, I have your 18 and 38 before a double P.audio. What thing do you like most and least? most: lo…