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Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • JB Systems PSX-12

    JB Systems PSX-12 - " solid practice but ..."


    1 used PSX 12a (Amplified!) For 2 years. Minimum: 360 Tried SXa amplified Electrovoice: Much more dynamic, accurate and powerful but expensive + HUGE price. Second least: The weight! The BIGGEST: Quality / Price, durability (cuts out when overs…

  • Ibiza Sound XTM-12AMP

    Ibiza Sound XTM-12AMP - " but its good!"


    use and 3 months it is the small manufacturing quality the sound is surprisingly good paired with a sub I do not do it again this choice because the quality is really crap …

  • KV2 Audio ES 1.0

    KV2 Audio ES 1.0 - " Very compact and versatile system"


    System very versatile easy to use, combined with the 1.8 and 1.5 boxes is perfect, the head is very powerful and needs to be complete by 4 subwoofers for a good sound reproduction especially for rock and electronic music. A small - 2, -3 db is good c…

  • LEM D400

    LEM D400 - " lacking in acute"


    since tonight buy discontinued in the store trinidad, yes g used many model cp515 rcf, the house is in rcf, 18sound, Beyma, ev, fbt, bose, hh, proel, that I like the bass is the least keen not far behind I do not think the choice again …

  • Samson Technologies RS215

    Samson Technologies RS215 - " Very good quality / price ratio!"


    I bought early summer and I had to do a little more than a dozen evenings outdoors since powered by a QSC 2 * 450w. I'm really happy with the quality of sound that comes out of the speakers, there is good bass even for a model 350w. they are la…

  • Samson Technologies EX20

    Samson Technologies EX20 - " tres correct"


    powerful speakers there really 200 watts rms very good performance in the midrange, lack of finesse in the treble good performance for voice …

  • Wharfedale LX-215

    Wharfedale LX-215 - " Good quality"


    I use them for many years I have never done anything Good sound. This acute low round I would do this without hesitation purchase …

  • RCF ART 600

    RCF ART 600 - " small and strong"


    use since 2000, I have always been impressed by the sound and performance, often put side by side on a stage, the rendering is superb I highly recommend these boxes …

  • RCF ART 310

    RCF ART 310 - " rcf"


    I had to locasion dentendre system and I can tell you I do lacheterai for anything ca wife no nothing meduium pa acute as sub immediately to catch more and more grose medre I more or for a reputed brand like rcf ca sone has a 50 hert 200h and finis…

  • Mettler Audio Systèmes chateaux

    Mettler Audio Systèmes chateaux - djvivien's review


    How long have you use it? - Since the end of 2012, I bought the system 4 boxes + 2 + 2 medium heads and I changed all HPs (which were the Eminence Kappa series) to put the serial pro Faitalpro, each 1kW of HPs (4 HPs 38cm to 31cm and two boxes for …