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Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Yamaha S115V

    Yamaha S115V - deejay will's review


    How long have you use it? For over 10 years What thing do you like most and least? most reliability, performance, power Cons: Lack of bass heavy, carpet How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? Wi…

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - " Good quality / price ratio from current 15 inches"


    Use for 14 years and .... Never a failure. These speakers do not have m never lets despites heavy use. Repeated, concert ... Etc. Good compared with the current V club and good build quality. Used with a P4500 amp of the same brand or crown …

  • Wharfedale Focus 152

    Wharfedale Focus 152 - " Rather nice"


    How long have you use it? A few months indoors and walking thunder! may be a bit too sharp but hey you not want to pavilion Eminence LT250. What thing do you like most and least? This low, acute nice! Have you tried many other models before b…

  • RCF ART 322-A

    RCF ART 322-A - " good material"


    super pregnant, reliable ... a beautiful acute motor 2 inch improves very significantly compared to 312. Quite heavy, but a very good buy. …

  • Promann PA 230

    Promann PA 230 - " huge!"


    - Used last year - Hk audio, nexus, hortus granite ect - The sound, the dynamic pressure 1000w rms and 100db sensitivity made in France - Less weight does not fit in a car lol - On occasion it's still quite expensive for a product of ten yea…

  • Yamaha S112IV

    Yamaha S112IV - " used prestats and loc, indestructible"


    How long have you use it? 10 years, boomer changed to DELTALITE eminence 2512 What is the particular feature you like best and least? + Titanium compression, eminence speakers, sound box - CABLERIE jack to change Have you tried many other m…

  • KoolSound XL 2000

    KoolSound XL 2000 - " Boost is dead ... Long live Koolsound!"


    After BOOST TM 2X1514 here to replace the Koolsound XL 2000! The program: - More piezo tweeter (this time over one ear of the audience apparent indeme, - Announced characteristic inconsistent between packaging and siriégraphie speaker and some…

  • Yorkville EX2B

    Yorkville EX2B - " Ease, reliability, efficiency"


    I regularly praise the system for evenings. {Around 100, 200 people) I have always been completely satisfied with this set. What I like: -The sound is well balanced, the bass is punchy and deep, and their satellites are taf after some adjustm…

  • Ibiza Sound Disco 12B

    Ibiza Sound Disco 12B - yaya8181's review


    Were of good speaker. In effect, they have a nice little sound quality despite the lack of bass. Small default entered by jack or cable. …

  • Wharfedale EVP-X12

    Wharfedale EVP-X12 - " Grilled HP"


    Hp grilled in the middle of an evening with friends (she was almost never used), pregnant only three quarts, with a mixer ever peak hoping to be an isolated case .. The finish is good, the handles are solid, the front LED indicator is well thought…