Bomb Factory Essential Clip Remover
Bomb Factory Essential Clip Remover

Essential Clip Remover, Other software dynamics processor from Bomb Factory.

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AudioArtist 12/01/2012

Bomb Factory Essential Clip Remover : AudioArtist's user review

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This plug-in is super easily instaled and typically free as well as having virtually no compatibity issues. It's one and only function is so easily accessible that all it has is a process button!


The Essential Clip Remover works fine for it's level of accuracy and is a very easy to use.
I've used it rarely for about 7 years now and I like it as much as it deserves.


The thing to like most about this plug-in is that it may possibly save that one take for you at some point. To like least is that it's very inaccurate and unreliable for truly professional work, but it does do it's job under reasonable circumstances.
First off, you should really go as far out of your way to prevent clipping as possible especially if you are doing paid work or even if you are just doing your own music. As long as your digital recordings are sufficiently noise free and not clipped out then you have huge amounts of headroom in digital work to bring the volume up in a mix. (An appropriate way of controlling your noise level is to ensure that the noise floor is AT LEAST -45dbfs from the average dbfs of the audio. -60dbfs is ideal.)
Oddly enough, I've actually found a glitch/oddity with this plug-in that allows it to be used a really killer distortion effect, the kind of brutally mangled, bit-crushed, evil distortion that lends itself nicely to industrial music or even just as a filtered/distorted drum intro/break.
If you use a brickwall limiter on a track or a group of tracks and bounce those to a new track, while leaving the output of the limiter set to 0.00dbfs, then apply the Essential Clip Remover; the result is a truly grating, unique distortion sound. I suppose it's because the ECR looks for those 0 crossings and you sort of confuse it when your material is hitting 0 consistently yet not crossing. Try it, it's actually alot cooler than what the ECR was actually made for.
I've never used any other clip removers before simply because you shouldn't have to if you are careful and precise while recording. I have heard of some other clip fixes and software that are absurdly expensive.
Since you can typically get this for free it's certainly worth trying out whether for it's intended purpose or to just play around and be experimental with it.