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stompboxjon 09/17/2012

URS Phat C : stompboxjon's user review

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The URS Phat C is a analog sounding compressor that you can use on individual channels and multiple times and not have to worry about any crashing or freezing. The URS Phat C seems to be very stable and it comes in at a great price 99.99. You can run it on Macs and Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It gives you 6 different analog saturation modes, VSA, FET, Tube, Tape, Transformer, and Opto. Along with 2 different kind of attacks (fast,normal). I use URS Phat C as a plug in with Sonar and Cubase. I have even used it as a plug in for my video editing program to compress audio in Final Cut pro. The interface is very simple and easy to understand you get a total of 6 knobs and 2 sliders. Everything is labeled and it is right on the main interface. There are no sub menus or small unreadable text. I have not seen a manual for URS Phat C, but you will not need one because it is self explanatory and easy to understand.


I have a Windows 7 OS on my dual channel 8GB desktop and it loaded correctly and worked fine. I have been using this plug in since mid 2011 after stumbling across it on KVR audio. All of the functions of URS Phat C work great.


The URS Phat C will give you a great recreation of vintage harmonics. When using those effects along with the compression you will be able to get a really heavy and rich sound to have in your mixes. You can play around with this plug in on voices and instruments and watch all of the cool stuff you will get out of it. As I said, you can run it multiple times and not have to worry about it crashing. I have had it running on 10 plus channels before at the same exact time and never experienced any issues. The program is very light on your CPU and can work in probably any DAW. I highly recommend it.