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stompboxjon 09/18/2012

Waves MV360° : stompboxjon's user review

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The Waves MV360 is a high level compressor that has automatic makeup output and gain level control. The Waves MV360 came to my attention when I was doing some research on the Waves Renaissance Vox because it is very similar. The MV360 is very easy to use and to understand, mainly it is controlled by a Threshold Fader. The MV360 has 5 main modes and using them you can also choose up to 3 different side chains. The modes are All Linked, Front Rear Sub, 5 Linked/Sub, Center Quad Sub, Center Front LR/Rear. The manual for MV360 is very thorough and in depth, it has everything in it broken down and makes the MV360 seem a lot more complicated then it really is. But for the serious users you can really get a hang of how MV360 works and will amaze you on what you can really do.


I currently run MV360 on my Apple Macbook Pro 2.66 Ghz i7 Dual Core 4GB laptop. It works great and has never caused any issues, I have also used it on my desktop PC and it works fine on that too. I just the Waves MV360 in Pro Tools on both systems. It has never crashed or had in sort of an error since I have been using it which has been over a year now.


My favorite part of the MV360 is how easy it is to use, but it is still a high quality compressor that is very in depth. If you take the time to fully understand the features of MV360 you will learn some great compression techniques. The compression itself on the MV360 should cost a lot more than what it does. I have seen hardware compressors that are of quality like the MV360 that cost double what the MV360 Cost. I am very happy with my purchase of MV360. It is well worth every penny spent.