Caline CP-18 Orange Burst
Caline CP-18 Orange Burst

CP-18 Orange Burst, Overdrive pedal from Caline.

als2178 07/19/2013

Caline CP-18 Orange Burst : als2178's user review

«  a perfect BB preamp »

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4 knob overdrive gain, volume, bass, treble


no need for manual


see if like the BB preamp, go for it without thinking.

For those who do not know, it's like a tube screamer but transparent.

It can be used as a drive to boost amp overdrive or as a clear channel. In which case everyone will think you use the channel saturating your amp.
Personally I used the one with great field and a strat. I do not support the Tubescreamer (j have already had two), which to my taste its colors and lack of potato whatever configuration knob.

I used to play the pink Floyd of Santana Hendrix. But I also use the fine to play jazz or funk.


I used the last 6 or 7 months. I really wanted the BB preamp, and I am absolutely not déçu.C is a true copy of the BB so it is transparant, true bypass. And it is really cheap compared to the "big brand".
See if like BB preamp go ahead