Caline CP-18 Orange Burst
Caline CP-18 Orange Burst

CP-18 Orange Burst, Overdrive pedal from Caline.

WiR 07/23/2014

Caline CP-18 Orange Burst : WiR's user review

«  Worth it! »

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A 9v overdrive, all analog.

True Bypass.


Knob: Volume, Gain, Treble (acute) and bass.

Super simple, normal size.

Like all pedals of this type, the switch is probably a bit fragile.


Level is great!

The gain can go very far (can be used independent overdrive solo rock), and the sound palette is super wide through two bass and treble knobs.

I tend to decrease acute and go a little low. I get a very warm sound with good headroom (as shown in this video:

It has more gain than the Xotic BB Preamp (it would be his clone), however, for the Xotic BB Preamp tested (which did not satisfy me considering the price), this has not Caline grain BB Preamp. It has its tonal color, she approaches the concept of the BB Preamp, but did not his grain.

The grain of the Xotic is really beautiful, and she has not the same. Its grain is "low cost". But hey, given the price difference, I bought the Caline so good ;-) .


This is a very good product, unbeatable quality / price ratio.

It should go easy on the switch and I think again, I'm only speculating, maybe they are sturdy.

Nevertheless it's a great pedal. If I need a good versatile overdrive, transparent enough (because it is) and enough guts, I shall without hesitation.

A good overdrive to have on hand for all types of use (in this jam session is niquel!)