Caline CP-18 Orange Burst
Caline CP-18 Orange Burst

CP-18 Orange Burst, Overdrive pedal from Caline.

benoi31 08/10/2014

Caline CP-18 Orange Burst : benoi31's user review

«  Amazing for the price! »

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A classic overdrive, Chinese clone of BB preamp.


It has 4 settings can: gain / volume / bass / treble.
The knobs are very reactive, the differences we hear very well when moving.


Here we have a very transparent overdrive, taking care that the character of the amp and guitar.

Special to the equalizer that is super efficient, much more than my amp mention!
You can really sculpt the sound, which can be very useful for example to transfer low group, or conversely, to add a little less slamming her when played in single coils.

The gain range is wide enough, it can go relatively far (farther than I expected anyway)

It can be used as a clean boost by turning down the gain and raising the volume, which offers a significant boost. I personally have a soul food which already plays that role on my pedal board, so I rather use it as overdrive.

The sound quality is really amazing for a pedal of this price! It's really good, better than the pedals 3-5 times more expensive!


I've had two weeks to see if it will work over time, but for thirty euros, I'm sooooo far from regretting my choice.

To summarize, I would say:

- Price, simply amazing for a pedal of this quality
- Sound! It's really a very good effect, versatile with:
- Very effective EQ really allows to adapt the overdrive sound setup (I think including fender amps that can be super slap in the treble, which may temper the blow by lowering the treble on the pedal)

- LED is really extremely brilliant flash it really strong.
- A small delay before receiving it, it takes a good two weeks
- Potentiometers little resistance, not a big deal you might say, but personally I prefer to fine tune
- The pedal is ugly, but hey it's not like the BB preamp was pretty either!
- The ethics that is still way, since buying a copy of an American pedal produced in China at a lower cost by workers paid a pittance and that we are far from knowing the working conditions ...

Overall this is a very good deal for the price at which it is proposed. However do not forget to praise the work of the people who design and develop these pedals by buying the original!