Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion
Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion

ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion, Overdrive pedal from Maxon in the Real Tube series.

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Neo151188 03/08/2013

Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion : Neo151188's user review

«  Good pedal but there's more! »

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I will not repeat the above characteristics.

-A On / Off switch
A boost-
A switch-Od / Disto
One-knob adjustment Gate


So this is where I find the pedal just a little. I said that I do not use that function Disto.

The sound of the pedal is very distinctive!
I use it on different amps (Fender Bassman, Carvin X60, Marshall JCM 800) and each time a new adjustment is necessary for sound "correct".

The Treble knob adds a lot of cutting.
Increases the Bass knob bass without adding body and fullness to the sound (this is most lacking in my opinion).
The Middle knob is when its his job very well.

The integrated Noise Gate pedal is significant, however, it is not enough! I have to pair it with the Boss NS2 to really hear no more breath.

Brief can do better.


So this is where I was extremely disappointed at the same time extremely satisfied.

Note that I used with several guitars in style Blues Rock / Hard Rock:

- Gibson Explorer
- Hamer Centaura
- Fender Telecaster Japan (3 pickups, the original lipstick neck, a gibson paf in the middle, and a Seymour Duncan in the bridge. I never knew the exact model pickups, it sounds this is the main one)
- Gibson Les Paul Standard

It all depends on the amp which uses the pedal.
On the Fender Bassman sound is cold, without roundness and no big dynamic that is expected of a pedal Disto!

A Marshall JCM800 single channel, the dream, a warm and powerful to ZZ TOP / TDCA.

Channel for solos BOOST increases slightly the overall level and adds a dose of significant gain for the high-flying plans!

However, do not plan to couple od pedal or distortion channel of your amp might hear something completely inaudible!


I have 5 years.
It is a good pedal but I think it is relatively expensive for its quality.
I couple with other pedals to get my sound: Jekyll & Hyde, Ibanez Jemini.

I do not think I let retry if the choice had to be redone.