Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion
Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion

ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion, Overdrive pedal from Maxon in the Real Tube series.

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lessheriffs 03/23/2007

Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion : lessheriffs's user review


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Overdrive and distortion in the pedal.
Tube technology (1 lamp)
A cable on an effects loop but can preferably output guitar.
Nothing revolutionary, but a bit noisy.


Config super simple, there are different sounds easy enough but the sound is not that I like to go.
not man, but is it really necessary for a pedal effect?


This is the crucial point: the sound. Ben there, it's super disappointing for a ^ bought new pedals and vaunted far.
Used with Les Paul std mesa and lamp, used to have two different saturations but what a disappointment! The sound is cold and sharp, not possible to make a difference with a multi-purpose tube for example (eg Digitech)


Used for a month, I can not get used to it. This is only my opinion but understand that this is not a product that will satisfy for sure the musicians. Many acute od, no heat.
I think part with it soon. I am a bit disgusted (close to 250 euros anyway ...)
Me if I do, I'll let you know.