Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion
Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion

ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion, Overdrive pedal from Maxon in the Real Tube series.

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aliascross 12/17/2007

Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion : aliascross's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Pedals for overdrive and distortion.
Power: 9vDC/180mA, foun transformer.
Dimensions: 110 (width) x 160 (length) x 72 (height)
Attachments: <ul> 5 rglages: GAIN, LOW (100Hz/0-> 28dB), MEDIUM (1kHz/0-> 25dB), ACUTE (3kHz/0-> 22dB), MASTER
Slectionneur a lever between OVERDRIVE DISTORTION and.
1 lamp 6072/12AY7 Elecro-Harmonix (dual triode ... just be replaced by 5751, 12AX7, ECC83, ...)
A foot switch on / off boost (+10 dB)
A foot switch ON / OFF effect (sudden boost too).
Rducteur noise 1:2 or more.
Mono jack inputs and outputs. </ul>
What more?


Connection: an input, output, power ...
EQ adjustments are formidable (22-28dB!).
The bass are reaching the amp to its limits!
The mdium not trs INTERESTED my taste, once half of the race Exceeds knob.


Chanage: guitar (Yamaha AES-FG) -> ROD881 -> prampli (CAE 3 + SE) -> power amp (VHT2/90/2) -> speakers (NOS).
The gain is sufficient, even if a few grams more could be INTERESTED ...
The styles range from the pedals in blue rock / hard-rock...pas forcment best adapts to the mtal ... There's other products (ENGL570 for example).
Viewpoint grain ... FINALLY pedals worthy of a branch on a 3 +! which is still above (more authentic, more gain and sings even better when ...), but still a good plan to add a 2nd channel crunch.


Much better than the GTO SOLDANO SuperChargeur.
One of the best distortion pedals I've had with the Blackstar HT-DRIVE
qualitprix correct report (249).