Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion
Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion

ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion, Overdrive pedal from Maxon in the Real Tube series.

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sonnyscallywag 08/02/2005

Maxon ROD-881 Real Overdrive / Distortion : sonnyscallywag's user review


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The Maxon is a processor ROD881 tube distortion with two types of distortion (distortion and overdrive, controlled by a mini switch), a 3-band EQ, gain control, master, a boost (foot switchable) and a adjustable noise gate. The 9v adapter is provided ... Possd with the famous Ibanez TK999 Tube King (which is the ROD880 copy and ROD881, copying amliore), I note that the input and output jacks, as well as accounts for Does the adapter have strengthened (c trs is a good place since the ROD for the adapter entrefbrile m literally had to cut the cost of the circuit tube king .... snif) So no more problems of solid! All these are CHARACTERISTICS, sleep, and the dj who pedals a ROD881 Submitted all synptmes machine lends a blind dlivrer you sound as perfect as you looking, and this in a lot of area ...


The use of ROD881 is simple to be .... I will be brief on this point:
-A switch (at the bottom right) for the action of the effect
-A switch (left foot) to boost the action
One-knob for rglage treble (treble)
One-knob for rglage of mediums (medium)
One-knob for rglage low (bass)
-A knob for volume rglage (master)
One-knob for rglage gain (gain)
A mini-switch to the mode of distortion (as this one site between the knob and master gain)
A mini-knob for adjusting the noise gate (this one as al rear of the site between the pedals input jack ... a note, the mini that enables or disables the noise gate)
As easy as I thought


Then the .... c is the war ..... the ROD881 is one of those instuments that, then that they are just branches and not at rgls, dj dlivrent a grain absolutely daunting .... In fact the sound is big and even bigger and the trs, even on a piti Park 10 watts ... In OD mode, the distortion is trs trs hot or scorching hot ... It al impression that a cut is activated has about 10,000 hertz, and this makes it sound smooth and rev it, even with a rate of distortion lev (!)... the equalization is prcise and the smallest movement of potentiometer us to explore a new color ... so we can make the metal even in the OD mode digging the medium, or obtain, with a nice reverb, the sound of the first Frank Gambale. Test with a half case (a Gibson ES347), we find ourselves in the clubs of Chicago, by taking BB King ... was drooling a bit, c is smooth .. writ runs great! The ROD is a bluesy wish! The mode starts the disto pedals out the hooks, the band of 10,000 Hz appears, the distortion becomes very aggressive, trs sharp and slightly colder, scabby grain is really .... s no good alternative, I have a metal band, so the distortion mode, c is metal! The boost ... bah c s is the Apocalypse ... enabled the boost for solos is absolutely effective ... it does not cover other instruments to excess, it takes off just what it takes to be heard and the chorus can do without straining the ear to the back ... but the n is not my tural use the boost ... Indeed, what was my surprise when activated with the boost, I note that the grain is dirty and a little more for me c is the mud! j therefore used the boost at all times to get the grain that I need ... I lose the use of boost as such you tell me .... yes but I caught up with other effects of ... Feel free to DCID what to do .... Prcisons that the output level of the pedals is quite leve, more than the former king Tube ... the noise gate is quite effective but high volume and you switched nost n Avoid no feedback ... For my part j uses the gate of my effects loop (a TC eletronic G major)


J I have a BOSS and I metalzone possde currently the king Tube (rpar lol), an MXR distortion DoubleShot, Hughes and Kettner pramp a tubeman, a Mesa Boogie pramp v-twin, a vh100 Laney head, I have to test beucoup amp with distortion of Engl (Savage 120, Powerball), Peavey (5150, XXX), Marshall (JCM900, JCM2000, lead plexi, anniversary) Mesa Boogie (Mark IV, correct ), Hughes and Kettner (triamp, warp7), Brunetti (XLR-EVO) ... Maxon is the ROD881 (with distortion of the head of XLR-amp Brunetti EVO) m the only distortion that has really blown .... Note that due to the lamp ROD881 dlivre does not secrets at once ... it was not until the lamp is done ... but then a little scabby and c is hot or cold soup is desired, the effective use ... the pedals is not part of the friendly toys that can be found in music stores, c is a real authentic distortion you can lay the sound you heard on a particular disk ... Inge of his came to see me after a concert and asked me to when I left the grain full and equal trs powerful but easy to work ... it cost me 250euro and she is widely trs .... is what I do it again this choice? Frankly I d in that one and I think I m well take a deuxime because jm exploded with so much at home on a park than 10 watts on a big scene Laney vh100 transplanted loool ... voilou! j hopes to have enough t prcis lol