Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive
Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive

Blues Pro Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Mi Audio.

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Dca lp 05/12/2014

Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive : Dca lp's user review

«  A very good OD »

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Analog pedal, made in Australia by the firm MI Audio at hand.
- True bypass
- 1 gain
- Tone 1
- Volume 1
- 1 switch od / fuzz
Any purchase of pedal history, for me, a friend came up with after buying used and made me try. Stroke heart was immediate!
And here my friend who sold it to me on a whim two months later to fund a project. He regretted, because he liked. Coming from him, it is rather flattering for this pedal because of the beautiful stuff, he has seen quite a scroll.
This pedal is reminiscent of the great tube screamer, with whom she shares the famous JRC4558D chipset; however, the MI does not eat bass, she meets, see socket.
The dose of gain is also more consistent.


Ring this pedal is a breeze, one branch, we experiment, we find just the right sound. At least if you want to do blues / rock / hard rock.
I will explain this in its category.
Depending on the version (3 in all), it is possible to supply 18v for more head room and dynamics for v2 and v3.


The pedal fully complies with the guitar plugged above and the characteristics of microphones configuration.
With simple on stratocaster for example, you hold out my arms blues, rock too, but no more. However she does it well, the sound is round, warm, precise and dynamic at the same time. Shades played on volume knob / tone are transcribed and attack.

With humbuckers, the sound becomes more fat without puking everywhere. With the gain block, feels sound to Gun's N'Roses (first) or Led Zep by lowering the gain.

With active humbuckers type good output level (EMG 57/66 on my Les Paul), we can even go one step: the doors of hard rock of the 80-90 'are open. But no more: no metal with this pedal, or heavy. After all it is a non overdrive?
But we are still at the beginning of a beautiful distortion gain in background .. With double type Burstbucker / 498T / 57 + Gibson is made of comfortable AC / DC.
Otherwise, I am often surprised to have a very nice lead tone, playing Gary Moore, certainly it is not his hair the battery, but it is not wrong approach.
Fuzz compresses a lot and I like very moderately. In a pinch, the Tone at 7am, max gain and volume at 11, playing with the guitar volume (3/10) taken out sounds not too bad, but it is not his strong point. If you buy it, it is for his overdrive anyway.


I use this pedal for about 5-6 me and she will not move from my pedal board.
I just wish the fuzz, and again, I consider it a bonus ..
I advise this pedal for lovers of beautiful things made seriously, because it is clearly in the shop effect. The welds are point by point, everything is clean, signed and numbered in manuscript please!
If you like the blues, have a tube amp worthy of the name, you will enjoy.
Hold its versatility, because with a boost (like a TS9 with the drive at 9am and the volume up, for example) you can hunt in decidedly more muscular styles.