Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive
Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive

Blues Pro Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Mi Audio.

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goguelu 09/24/2011

Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive : goguelu's user review

«  Better than the TS (Reissue) »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Analog overdrive pedal
3 settings: Volume / Tone / Gain + a small switch Overdrive / Fuzz
Engagement by a more conventional switch on the TS (which I do find it annoying)
Input / Output Jack
Powered by 9V battery or transformer (I use a 1 Spot for the pedal and the other of my pedal board)
True bypass.
Lighting the red LED on activation of the effect (more visible than on the TS 808 Reissue)
Case lighter than a TS (TS but are references for strength), but very well made ("Handcrafted from MI Audio Australia").


Used for the crunch and overdrive, possibly boost (but it would be a shame to use it only for that).
I'm not a fan of the fuzz but it is interesting (I will not dwell on this, I did not buy this pedal for this feature).
The knobs respond well and offer a rich palette of sounds to explore (with or lead) ...


I first did a test in the store where I could compare it to a TS 808 Reissue (that was in my pedal board) and I bought already convinced.
I spent part of an afternoon and evening to compare in more detail on two of my guitars (a Start and a TV) and everything plugged into my Hot Rod Deluxe (short I wanted to have the Net stuff on my heart).
I tried different settings on the two pedals (especially on the race of the gain knobs Blues Pro Overdrive and the TS) on different configuration of microphones with the same riffs / plans slow, fast held note, bends , palm mute, harmonics ...
I was already quite happy with the results with the TS 808 Reissue but then I went wide at the top with the Blues Pro.
- Dynamics, it renders the game more closely and attacks
- Gain / fishing without degrading the sound quality but very slightly limit (over the possibility that TS particularly in terms of power ... the Blues Pro goes further)
- Harmonic (less than the TS medium)
- Versatile (over different sounds)
I almost keep the TS to boost my sound clear, but in the style that I practice (Funk / Soul), must pass through the brass solo and I rarely party in his clear lead ...
I have a Fulltone OCD, but it also does not sound the same and has other interesting features.
With these two overdrives on my Hot Rod ... (Not at the same time:)) I am satisfied.


Conclusion has dethroned the TS 808 Reissue in my pedal board (I had 5 years in fact ...) and with no regrets.
Be careful, I do not advise to everyone. Take the time to try it before (we do not repeat it enough I think).
It is a matter of taste some prefer the TS.
His "loyalty" to the game and the sound of guitars upstream is for me a most incontestable.
The sound is richer and more dynamic with my TS 808 Reissue (I said every time Reissue because I've never been able to try a TS 808 times it seems that would be the holy grail of overdrive. ..)
Recommended for fans of Blues / Rock and related styles (metal, if you read this notice is surely far from healthy curiosity but I doubt that such a suit you ...).
Good quality / price ratio (it begins to know it's good so it's more expensive ...)
I would definitely do it again this election.

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