Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive
Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive

Blues Pro Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Mi Audio.

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WiR 03/14/2013

Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive : WiR's user review

« Overdrive "singing"! »

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All was already said in previous reviews.

But quickly Overdrivre analog
Gain - Tone - Volume - Switch (Overdrive / Fuzz).

True Bypass.

Pedal type "shop".

V3, it seems that it can be supplied with 9 OR 18V ​​(18V that some say it would be more "headroom", basically the sound is wider, larger, more imposing so).

Pedal very economical "pedalboardistiquement" (wow this is ugly).
It is about the size of a TC electronic.

Yes it does, 5.5cm wide, it takes up no space in the pedalboard!

But: The power input is located on the left side as the MXR (at least as the MXR Carbon Copy).
So level pedalboard, that little embêtter some, but frankly, there is not really anything to complain about either.


Typical configuration TS9: So easy (3 knobs, a switch).

The knob Volume is effective, it does what is asked.

The knob Gain also is very gradual, thereby offering a wide range of dynamics.

knob the Tone, the more this pedal is very sensitive and very accurate! And in addition it has two uses! (I detail below).


For my part, the pedal is what I wanted:

A very Overdrive "singing". That is to say that the overdrive is very round but very present share the fact that the frequency range of mid-bass is amplified.

In addition, a TS9, middles are amplified (thus losing bass).

Here, the "low-middle" are amplified: Therefore, the loss of bass is fully resolved, however, this pedal is round bass. Middle and are now just as much!

This is the "low-middle" so that that it is a very nice overdrive (when we play well anyway) to listen. She is not aggressive and unwanted harmonics ultra acute (the spectrum 20k ...). She's very sweet.

But that does not hit hard, in the style ACDC (the middle is a boost of standard features emulated sound of ACDC).

In addition, this pedal is perfect for blues, blues rock, see Hard Blues!

The overdrive is great!

Then FUZZ: So the Fuzz is not the style of Fuzz very large and bold a FUZZFACE hendrixienne well boosted or Russian Big Muff. The Fuzz is registered in a register rather gentle yet.

This is a very articulate Fuzz and very effective solo (gain at bottom).

And that is THE TONE Tone comes in. The knob serves as "expression of Fuzz." I never really touched Fuzz pedal before it. But the Tone knob is used to set if you want a Fuzz very "muddy" (Eric Johnson style, with the tone knob of the most left possible) or completely incisive as Kenny Wayne Shepherd Voodoo Child when interpreting live (knob turned to the right). The Tone knob in the middle gives a kind of standard Fuzz but it follows the rest of the pedal is a Fuzz very "low-middle".

So the Fuzz is also singing, like the overdrive.

Oh yes, I use a Gibson Studio Faded and Lespauls Orange Crush 35 ldx. Yes even the transistor it sounds great!

In addition, this pedal is a very melodious and with a good vibrato, you can easily get started with it in melodies or Santana with a good shot to pick, embarking on a Blues Rock Classic Rock see well said !

Basically, it's great, but advice: Try this before you buy!

Although rare, it should be tested, because it is a rather peculiar style of his which may not please you!

Otherwise, I love it!


I use it for a few short months.

Before purchasing I tested some other overdre as an Ibanez TS7 (which is mine), a TS9 or a Boss BD2 H2O Plus by Monte Allums Mod (which is mine).

The MI Blues Pro is just my main overdrive compete with the beautiful Boss BD2 Modified. Modified the Boss BD2 has a lot of "headroom", it has a very powerful, very fun to play, very typical Gary Moore (and more serious, the Gary Moore blues what with less gain, as it is an overdrive and a more severe). A great pedal!

Beside the MI Blues Pro seems to have less "headroom" than the latter, it needs to grow a bit more volume. However, the Blues Pro has this very natural, very respectful of your guitar pickups is that besides the Boss BD2, it is more pleasant to listen to, less "synthetic" (even if the BD2 is not synthetic at all but the Blues Pro still has a grain more natural nice touch) and therefore ideal for soloing.

In addition: BD2: Big Rock Rhythm Marshallian, Solo powerful

Pro Blues: Rhythm and blues rock this sophisticated, Solo subtle, melodic and very "feeling" (the Blues Pro, saw your game vibrato).

And for the purists: It is true bypass (not the Boss BD2)!

So with this pedal in my belt I'm thrilled these two overdrives give me a palette of blues rock sound totally different, two different worlds for me chacuns to oscillate between them depending on my mood!

In conclusion, the MI Blues Pro has its place in my pedalboard, and I am very satisfied. This is a very good product.

If you are interested in this pedal and you need more information about it, test audio (recorded with the microphone in my laptop but hey, if I show you the worst and you like it, then the best can being better).
Do not hesitate to contact me!