Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive
Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive

Blues Pro Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Mi Audio.

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boobyz 09/17/2009

Mi Audio Blues Pro Overdrive : boobyz's user review


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Overdrive analog TS
Case and very good quality of connections.
Gain Volume Tone
Alim 9v (or more) or battery
Indestructible Paint
Small convenient size for pedalboards




This pedal may not please the purists be rock, for against it will delight lovers of fusion.
This is the big sound fusion rock, thick, full of harmonics, compress just right.
I love it for that particular style for rock is a bit too "modern"
Nothing to say, this pedal has a price-quality ratio indecent, and if you like that kind of sound, it's good to reduce the Expense; )dropoff Window
Not very versatile, but beautiful in what it can do.
The op-amp is on base, the original is not optimized JRC4558 I urge a LM1458 (cheap and easy to find) that will frankly with the spirit of the pedal.
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With the LM1458, it is easy to approach the sound "Santana", a very soft and thick overdrive with lots of sustain.


The ultimate pedal for fusion.
In fact, despite its circuit-type TS, it sounds quite modern (not pjoratif)
I found mine on EBAY US 80, an old model, I am happy when I type reversals FUSION, sound is the right place.
It is easy to change the op amp (on base) and the LM1458 is cheap and easy to find.
I think even some models are factory teams of this op amp.
If you have Classic 57 on your guitar, this pedal will give very good results.
Do not seek a sound TS, we are far, this stratum and said with a good adjustment, you can type the SRV no prob
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