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dB Technologies S350 Entertainer
dB Technologies S350 Entertainer
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Jr@ Jr@
Published on 06/21/09 at 21:31
Value For Money : Poor
I was looking for a nice, compact system that weighs not too heavy, I have already sat a large sub 1500W system and 90KG.

I test in store and compare a power works powo, it was more powerful
with deeper bass but mostly it was a quality sound incredibly mediocre.

on 5 out I did I got around with satisfaction.

sound of a chapel for 60 persons for speech, singing and music.
a sound of great clairte and high intelligibility despite the natural rverbration places. has earned me many thanks.

BGM passage outside, its always clean with a very good record and a good door.

For a wedding feast in too large room (PRVU for 100/130 people) with forty invites her always clean with good bass despite the activation of the limiter beginning.

and finally another wedding with 70 people on the covered terrace of the restaurant with an ever perfect sound with a sound level already well lver

more as I do not have a stereo (I find useless as it has a good sound) I use 90% in my living room and I was always a great pleasure to ecoutes spite of some necessary.

I like:
the clear sound, clean and free breath
the bass everything okay
the weight of the box (20kg)
the effectiveness of the limiter
the blow filter to protect the bass 40hz Bommer
good finish

I do not like:
I sat weight (11KG)
no handles on sat

I do not like to use a hi-fi:

the boom stopped on the box
the cutoff frequency drives sub sat too high (210Hz)
ventilation with only 2 level

have found 700/800 which is too expensive for this type of system, but looking good are found in the 500 which is a good report quality price.
I say found as flat is no longer manufactured.

I'll have to make that choice more tt and I took a SECOND to make more big evening with this system.