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Bose PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Bose L1 Compact System

    Bose L1 Compact System - " Bose l1 + compact ToneMatch"


    We are a trio of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass. We have just acquired a compact l1 coupled ToneMatch. After the first rehearsal we stayed glued by the sound quality and ease of use. We connected the microphone voice (beta 58) l1et directl…

  • Bose L1 Compact System

    Bose L1 Compact System - " Promising ..."


    It's a start I believe that file, because my guitar just to make the acquisition. Tested for 2 hours in rehearsal with a general mix above, where there was live guitar, bass, drums (not with sound), two keyboards and vocals. The sound is simply b…


    Bose ROOMMATE II - " Excellent road system"


    I these pregnant since the mid 80s. It served me for everything, Fender electric piano sound with my, my synth in the room where I lived, small sound system when I travel (on 12v in the car), a player and that's the big sound in the middle of Natur…

  • Bose L1 Cylindrical Radiator

    Bose L1 Cylindrical Radiator - " Try bose L1 stage"


    I recently had the opportunity to see what type of equipment on scene at a party with 4 musicians. The singer and guitarist were on this system. Accordionist and pianist myself were on a traditional system sends (front). I found the sound of the Bose…

  • Bose 802 Series II

    Bose 802 Series II - Robertdu16's review


    I know the tastes and colors do not discuss this!, but I dare contradict our colleague G50, certainly, bose 802 series 2 are MADE FROM THIRTY YEARS, but I just how beautiful pence for a speaker to cross the this time without degraded, mine are from 1…

  • Bose 802 Series II

    Bose 802 Series II - Dj djo's review


    I enpruntée one I used as a booster for the outdoors. The sound quality is good. Associated with 4 boxes: RCF, JBL, coupled with a pair of columns and facades JBL. It is indestructible. Style bose: Inventing the speakers but not bulky with a solid so…

  • Bose 502A

    Bose 502A - gazzzz's review


    The good points of the 502A: I see not a lot but I quote them: -Design Its cash-to death (CA12 crest, his pass nikel 700wrms == @ 8ohms, its starts the walk!) Super-good sound dispersion (the fact that HP is tournsa left and right plays normm…

  • Bose 802 Series II

    Bose 802 Series II - rakoto's review


    I have two pairs that I use with Chevin A500 (plus mailing and it lowers the impedance for extra power). I use them primarily for sound with my groups (and those of others), in an aesthetic jazz, song, or world.J 've waited years to buy (because you …


    Bose 502 PANARAY EXTENDED - fewer's review


    it must be thought that this and the equipment used must com proffessional and such, I mean, there are instructions with all the technical data on it, and pushed any system has its limit, there will always be the case in any brand, highly efficient s…

  • Bose 502B Acoustimass Module Enclosure

    Bose 502B Acoustimass Module Enclosure - gazzzz's review


    I use it for around four months. I had the opportunity to work with other sub as RCF 705AS with Wharfedale or 46 in line with a "pro". <strong>What is the specific feature you like best? </strong> I like the sound it makes! The wind pulls out a t…