Akai Professional MPD24

MPD24, PAD Controller from Akai Professional in the MPD series.

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Wedges2 04/04/2011

Akai Professional MPD24 : Wedges2's user review

« Quality Product. Good Choice.  »

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Great for bangin out some drums, samples, or whatever you choose to put on the pads. It’s even a pretty useful midi controller when you take advantage of the faders and knobs. I got a great product for the price, which isn’t too bad either.

The thing is durable. I’ve been bangin my drums out on it for over a year. The build quality is just plain solid. The faders have resistance to them, same with the knobs. It’s got a nice solid weight, so it doesn’t feel like your gonna break it by going wild on it. The pads have a solid feel to them as well. So far nothing has broken on it except a knob that has come out out a little, but it still works perfectly fine.

I’m pleased with the way it interacts with my software as well. You could use the midi learn function to map out any preset you want, so that the pads control whatever you need. The more impressive thing is that it actually has a preset made for the FL plugin “FPC”. It’s called “MPC2500”. All the pads and banks correspond with the right pads and banks in the FPC. The knobs and faders you can easily assign to any parameters in your DAW as well.

One major complaint I have though is that the pads are VERY unsensitive. There is a mod to fix it but it requires you to open up the unit. Even with the sensitiviy all the way up I have to disable the velocity sensitivity on my DAW to use the MPD.

If you need what the MPD has to offer, and you won't something with more knobs and faders than the PadKontrol this is for you. I don't regret buying it at all.