Empirical Labs Lil FreQ EL-Q
Empirical Labs Lil FreQ EL-Q

Lil FreQ EL-Q, Parametric EQ from Empirical Labs.

moosers 02/21/2010

Empirical Labs Lil FreQ EL-Q : moosers's user review


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The Empirical Labs Lil' FrEQ is primarily an equalization and filtering unit, but also has some dynamics control as well. The unit is made up of analog components and has XLR connections in the back with a 1/4" TRS input in the front. It is indeed rack mountable, and will take up only a single space.


Using the Empirical Labs Lil' FrEQ won't preset any problems to the experienced user when it comes to parametric EQ. However, I can't really say how well a beginner would fair here, as even though this isn't all that complicated, it does have some parameters beyond the traditional configuration, and isn't exactly your typical parametric EQ. The Lil' FrEQ has sections for a high pass filter, as well as a four band EQ and a dynamics section. It also has overall input and output levelers. If you're a beginner, I'd say it is a good idea to have the manual around, but I don't think it is necessary.


I've yet to honestly use a piece of gear that I didn't love made by Empirical Labs. They simply have an awesome line of products, which are diverse, versatile, and each brings something to the table that gear by other manufacturers don't. Not only does the Lil' FrEQ have an outstanding filtering ability with plenty of control, but also has built in dynamics to help you keep your signal in check. Rarely do you see such an in depth filtering system with the added bonus of having dynamic capabilities that isn't a straight up channel strip. I've found that with the Lil' FrEQ that not only am I able to do more traditional equalization, but I also find it to be awesome for filtering experimentation.


I've really only got good things to say about the Empirical Labs Lil' FrEQ. It is certainly a professional's piece of gear, so it has the price tag to go along with it, but other than that I have no complaints at all. If I were to add only a single piece of outboard gear to my setup, this would definitely be in the mix for it, as the Lil' FrEQ is the perfect combination of versatility and tone...