SPL Qure
SPL Qure

Qure, Parametric EQ from SPL.

Furykane 09/07/2010

SPL Qure : Furykane's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
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The high pass filter and low pass are united, we can not engage one another without engaging and vice versa.
What is annoying in some modern productions, hip hop or dance, high pass filter being at least 40Hz it tends to eat pretty subs. 30 or 35 Hz would have been nice.
For other styles of music, AC drives.

The buttons are close together and it is better for good. Which is a shame, when you want to copy the right channel on the left, this must be done manually.

When three bands are not enough, I also use the X-eq SSL, Qure more accurate than in publishing.


Quality is at the appointment. No problem, impossible to be disappointed.

I vitalizer torque tube, very good for the management of severe and acute.


The price is excellent value for the hardware.
I use plugins to cut the frequency and Qure to add.
I know of no plug capable of simulating its function properly "Qure.

I would recommend this product to anyone who seeks an analog unit for effective treatment of mediums.