SPL Qure
SPL Qure

Qure, Parametric EQ from SPL.

J.a.h.n.o 09/19/2004

SPL Qure : J.a.h.n.o's user review


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Eq 2 * paramtrique three bands used in mixing and mastering, high pass filters / lowpass adjustable (6db/octave-hf 1.5/20khz - 40hz/250hz lf) and switch Inrush both at the same time function "Qure" adjustable, Each filter has its own bypass switch. Qure the works on the principle of "q" is proportional Disan more musical than the "q" constant, the medium has FITRE a cut of up to 36 dB or 24 dB 5 q aq 0.5.les other filters possess a Bosst / cut of + / - 15 db aq 5 or + /-12db aq 0.5
the only little less than c can not enable / disable the filters separately hf / lf finally putting the filters on the minimum position problemest settle this!
was a gain setting of (always in class A) from -7 to +18 dB and output (a lamp 12ax7lps) from -7 to +4 dB
at the connection always is planned and balanced XLR and TRS jack on the asymmetric car in between, such as output and XLR / TRS or symetriq assymetriq have transformers can add optional input and output to thicken even more the sound card converts digital is also available ...
presents itself as a 2U rack
short of that good very very good


C eq tois a good band then after a short period of ownership c great to work with, on each bypass filters are very practical to compare the sound before and after treatment,

the manual is well done is specific about the particular functions of the beast, all specifications are given large,

c for the edition you turn simple buttons and sounds! :-)


Well then this is the SPL so I need not specify that the rings (lai I have said many times and more lol)
ca precise and sharp and too fat is hot after the settings
can bring out a sound in an instant with an adjustable lightweight but also abundantly cut the signal to bring out the spinal substentiel, the filter medium is excellent ds this application thanks to its non-reciprocal response and the cut of 36 db! !

Qure function is a must to restore the gloss and depth to the sound, the signal passes through a circuit combining coil / condenser / resistor / lamp that reacts to the dynamics of signal change = danss the EHS and the harmonic distortion. this feature is adjustable from 400 Hz to 6 kHz boost the sound of two db mandatory, it is advisable to use the filter medium to make a linear cut = a little careful strategic location .... this feature is not satisfactory on all types of sound, or when specific settings and special filters are needed with this application. this function is absolutely terrible mastering as it allows them to identify any subtlits a mix knob thanks to a MAGIC!!
I use the Qure any instrument in the mix, it does not destroy the signal, and can twist it "musical" at will I find it excellent that is always on strings, drums, acoustic instrument, but especially everything that comes out of exandeur noon or sampler, you can really affect the tone to make it less "cold" and more natural (the function has a lot to Qure)


I use it for almost 3 years with great happy
the filter medium has a monstrous cut of 36 dB,
calculates proortionnel allows filtering softer and more musical signal, but shall have a constant q was sharp practice on the tape to be cut even more precise ds "air"
Qure function is truly innovative and useful in many situations one of the most c of the unit
I regret that there is no switch apart to bypass the filters cut down and cut up but unfois get around this problem by adjusting the high pass filter / low pass on the position 40Hz and 20kHz
I try a 2055 avalon ad, a Drawmer 1961, a home eq tla (I remember the name I think finally eq1 ct mauuvais most of all) another home spl eq, and more ...
The value for money is always simply unbeatable, I do not find something equivalent in sound in this price range
with good experience I redeem my other two sub-groups to deal with ;-)