Robin Schneider 02/21/2013

Summit FEQ-50 : Robin Schneider's user review

«  The top in this price range! »

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It is a monophonic analog equalizer. 4-band passive. The gain is compensated only at the chain ends via two outputs combined. One lamp in class A, the other transistor in class A / B.

I / O:
Combo input XLR / jack (+4 dBu, -10 dBV)
XLR and jack output for separate output lamp.
XLR output jack and separate the output transistor.

Note: the polarity of the output transistor is inverted with respect to the lamp output.


The equalizer consists of 4 bands "parametric".
Why the quotes?

Because it is not a console equalizer with all parameters continuously variable.
Here, in a choice of 6 frequencies per band (well chosen) and two factors Q.
Note that the Q factor increases with the gain. (The bump becomes sharper from 10dB gain).

It is not a treatment for EQ is advanced to close Hz. It is an artistic tool for mixing or for minor correction to the socket.

It provides + / - 14dB gain per band. The low and high bands offer a choice between peak and shelf.


Qu'EQ as passive, it does not change the sound the same way as traditional active EQ.

It has its own character, but listening was more likely to say "the instrument sounds like that" that "was applied EQ sound, that's why it sounds like that."

This is fairly typical of passive EQ, especially with the output transistor.

Specifically, it is rather quiet and transparent earnings below 10dB, beyond that, it really starts to express themselves and can add intensity. I refer specifically to the 4.7 K background band on bass played with a pick, it's divine.

Acute to 18kHz band is also excellent to give a sense of detail and accuracy without the usual aggressiveness to 12kHz. I use it routinely for vocals.

Clearly, I love the sound of this EQ, which can give energy and extend to just about anything you give it.

I have not talked about the serious band, but it also works very well for low inflate a bit poor (lamp output over of course).


It is now one year that I use.
I also use my lamp EQ Universal Audio preamps, as well as the excellent EQ Neve Portico II.

Basically, the FEQ-50 is "harder" than the Portico II. The neve eq is really silky and luxurious.
This is not a defect to me just because I like the ability to harden the summit, or rather "consolidate" sound.
It forms an excellent complement to the basic EQ Universal Audio.

I have two FEQ-50 bought used on AF and I use both to take that mix. With the recent acquisition of Tl Audio C1 my 90s, I use them as my treatments master mixes.

Summit is very strong in providing a passive EQ of this quality for only 800 euros new.
Usually passive EQ rather turn between 2500 (copies of Pultec) and 5000 (massive passive).
Here, for 1600 euros the pair were two channels much more flexible than a Pultec (but less massive than passive).

Needless to say I would do this choice without hesitation!