moosers 03/13/2010

Summit FEQ-50 : moosers's user review


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The Summit FEQ-50 is a single channel passive equalizer made up of analog components. It has XLR connections as well as 1/4", including options for output routing through either the tube or solid state portion of it. It isn't rack mountable, but is about half the size of a single rack space, so if you had two of them I'm sure you could rack them together.


The make up of the Summit FEQ-50 is fairly simple, especially if you're familiar with the simple configuration of parametric equalization. It has four bands, each of which have gain knobs and frequencies knobs, which have set frequencies to choose from (about six different ones for each). They each also have bandwidth switches that have two different settings to choose from for if you want either a wide or narrow Q. That's pretty much all that you need to know about it's configuration, so I don't think that a manual is necessary.


The tone of the Summit FEQ-50 is incredibly clean sounding overall. I've used it on instruments of all types, as it is versatile and has the tools to be used for applications of all types. It doesn't color your tone beyond the cutting or boosting that you apply, but the FEQ-50 certainly has its own type of sound that is hard to describe or to compare to any other piece of gear that I can think of. I love having the bandwidth switches, as they really come in handy when trying to zero in on a specific frequency. While I generally like having complete control over the frequencies I choose, Summit has done a great job here by determining which frequencies are most often used.


For a high end equalizer, the Summit FEQ-50 is actually priced nicely. While it is probably still too expensive for most home studio owners out there, this is a great deal for professionals looking for top tier tone regardless of price, as you'll certainly save a bit of change when you compare this to some of the other equalizers out there. The FEQ-50 is a seriously compact piece of gear as well, as it will take two of them to fit them in a rack. I'm a big fan of most of the gear that Summit Audio has to offer, and wholeheartedly recommend the FEQ-50 as a nicely priced option for a single channel equalizer.