E-MU P-Rom
E-MU P-Rom

P-Rom, Patch/Program Bank from E-MU.

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Docteur Frog 09/04/2008

E-MU P-Rom : Docteur Frog's user review


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There are to date many different cards which are intended to reflect the sounds here are the Proteus names and their origins:::
Protozoa: Map modules compatible ROM banks after Proteus 1, III and Fx (Proteus 2 Orchestral being)
Composer: Official Map and Proteus 2000 Proteus 1000. Has never been sold separately.
P-ROM: Map Proteus ext. compatible modules and Command Stations (integrated package with the promo XL-7 and MP-7 on the end of their marketing)
Proteus Pop Collection: Best Combination of Samples E-mu (1, II, III, E4) ROM on a map.
P-2500: Official Map Proteus 2500. Has never been sold separately.