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Aardvark Direct Pro LX6
Aardvark Direct Pro LX6

Thread Aardvark Direct Pro LX6 Problems

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1 Aardvark Direct Pro LX6 Problems
Yesterday I bought an Aardvark Direct Pro LX6 audio interface. I am having serious problems getting it to work properly, and am hoping for some advice here.

I am running Win XP Home on a Dell P4. I also have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card in another PCI slot. I am using a Behringer Eurorack UB1202 mixer.

I am running a cable from the Aardvark breakout box’s main outs (1 and 2) to my mixer’s tape in.

I am running a cable from the Aardvark breakout box’s inputs (1 and 2) to my mixer’s tape out.

The mixer’s control room outs are going to a pair of Tapco powered monitors.

I have changed my default sound device for playback and recording in XP to “1,2 Direct Pro LX6” (my options include “3,4 Direct Pro LX6” and “5,6 Direct Pro LX6”). Default midi music playback is also now Direct Pro LX6. I am concerned about this, because I understand the LX6 has no onboard synth. Anyway, more on this below.

I am able to play mp3 files in Real Audio and Windows Media Player using this configuration. I can hear the file fine, and there is clearly signal going to the card that I can see on the meter on the Aardvark Control Panel.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any signal going to the card from my “Band in a Box” midi-style accompaniment program, though I have configured that software to use the Direct Pro LX6 card. So, question #1 is: If I need to use my Sound Blaster card to play midi files (because the LX6 has no onboard synths), how do I connect the Sound Blaster card to the LX6 card in order to hear my midi files?

Further, I can’t get other programs to produce any sound using this configuration. For example, I have installed a complimentary version of Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 that came with the sound card, but though the program is clearly sending out a signal, it’s not making it to the sound card, and therefore not to my ears.

Since I am getting Real Player and Windows Media Player to work through the sound card, I am starting to think it’s not my hardware configuration but something related to software that’s causing these problems.

Any words of wisdom?


Paul S.