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Avid HD OMNI : Anonymous 's user review

«  all for her! »

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Avid interface, gateway to the system protools HD 10

and using the thunderbolt to transfer to your computer
therefore a speed unmatched when compared to the already old firewire 800 (more than 10 times slower)

many different inputs and output format, 8 AES, 8 analog, 8 adat etc but beware the Omni does that simultaneous use of 8 input channels and 8 output

the thunderbolt box that fits between the computer interface and allows two inputs DigiLink
and every avid or digidesign interfaces have a secondary DigiLink port thus allowing to connect in all 4 interfaces in your system to choose the old interface 96 I / O and 192 I / O are recognized and usable on this system, just pensser to buy a cable transforms the old format DigiLink in again.

For my part I have OMNI and 96I / O box on my Thunderbolt
but would quickly add a 8x8x8 or 16x16, instead of the old 96 I / O


For my part I am mountain lion on macbook pro i7 with 8GB of RAM, the install of protools 10.2, I had a little trouble to have a reliable system.

non-recognition of the OMNI at baseline and after SMF protools mode of "N" button, so I chose to open with internal drivers to pry open and then reopen in rechoisissant Omni, good short it worked, but then I had a lot of read errors "error codes 9073, 9171 and 9172 of the" Uncool, but installing version 10.3.3 of protools, and making sure a few tips: power management (any mode to "never", and some other stuff well explained on the site AVID) I now have a system of your dreams!

but I do not regret those few troubles start.


First, the SON, just huge, incredible dynamics, everything becomes much more obvious setting attack of a compressor and so obvious as when one has such and such a dynamic definition, latencies are small and anyway can be supported by the compensation
I made comparisons in terms of its convertion with the digital I / O interface OMNI and those of my Cranesong HEDD 192, ben and it makes you think!!
not enough plugs offrerts treatment for the purchase of a system at this price, on the other hand
* The virtual instrument offered are excellent


the sound is just huge

yes I forgot! both pre amp microphone pre amp mode or DI mode are impressive, beautiful and very clean in DI and enough analog pre amps, compared to my Neve 1073 LB and ben is frankly very well,

brief success that pays enough chèr but worth it!
I've never been happier with a digital audio system